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Overzone folding fabric tent


The Overzone folding fabric tent

Price: from $5660*

The original folding canvas rooftop tent. Originally patented in Italy in 1959, the first canvas folding rooftop tent was named "Air-Camping". At that time everyone else was camping on the ground! The Overzone is everything the original Air Camping fabric* tent offers, with the same DNA and adventurous spirit: Overzone is the largest roof tent in the range with the awning extending over the ladder. With an intelligent and innovative design, providing maximum space on top of the vehicle: you’ll notice the size and comfort as you as set foot in the Overzone roof tent. 

Overzone has a 420 g aluminium and fabric structure, is breathable and waterproof, and continues the Autohome tradition with a roof tent model that provides maximum space. The striking appearance is due to a well-proportioned, streamlined design.

The Overzone fabric tent is still made in Italy in the Autohome factory according to the original design and manufacturing processes. It is a design based on the Air Camping and Overland models, with an extended awning over the ladder, creating a secondary useable "zone" underneath, by adding optional accessories. 

Purchasing an Overzone roof tent gives you guaranteed access to 60 years of experience of desert, jungle and glaciers, where every component has been tested in extreme conditions.

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oz_me_small oz_me_small

Close: 130 x 110 x h 35
Open: 130 x 220 + 70 (appendix) x h 125
Weight: about 56 kg

oz_ms_medium oz_me_medium

Close: 160 x 110 x h 35
Open: 160 x 220 + 70 (appendix) x h 125
Weight: about 65 kg

Close: 180 x 110 x h 35
Open: 180 x 220 + 70 (appendix) x h 125
Weight: about 74 kg

Art. OZ/01 – Overzone Small
Art. OZ/02 – Overzone Medium 
Art. OZ/03 – Overzone Large 

Includes: 4 universal clamps to fixing onto roof-bars, two triangular windows with mosquito nets, two large doors with mosquito netting, one mattress and 2/3 pillows, 2 internal pockets, 2 adjustable stakes for unfolding additional outdoor area awning, 2 stakes to hold up back door and create awning, 1 PVC travel cover, the roof stakes are equipped with condensate proof covering, 2 windproof tightening ropes included in the tent’s structure, multi-purpose hooks, the tent is pre-arranged for possible supplementary changing-room, 1 height adjustable alloy ladder.
Standard: all models are configured for side (standard) opening.
Optional: Explorer opening for opening over rear (or front) of vehicles.

Prices & Weights updated and current as of 3.2.2020

A beautifully crafted tent, Autohome set the global standard for fabric rooftop tents, with a simple elegant design, twin openings to maximise views and cross ventilation, 100% breathable fabric, a high-tech hinge and folding mechanism, and that Italian eye for style.

The roof and sides are made of a heavy duty single skin 420g/ m2, 50% cotton and 50% acrylic fabric, which is water proof, breathable and rot-proof.
This fabric is extremely breathable, so inside the tent is fresh and airy, unlike plastic-coated or resin-treated fabrics, which are non-breathable and therefore create lots of condensation which is the main cause of mould. However the breathable nature of the fabric doesn’t reduce it’s impermeability to rain: on contact with water, the fabric weave swells and thickens; where sewing has occurred, the holes created by the needles swell and seal as does the thread used for stitching, whereas in plastic-coated fabrics, some permeable holes will still remain.


The boards used for the tent base are made of a poplar plywood, which, thanks to its long fibres, is very resilient and hard-wearing. This 12 mm thick plywood has been developed for this particular application; the different layers are bonded together by the cross-overlapping method, following the wood grain to produce the products unique features. The Air-Camping procedure includes, veneering both outside and inside of the tent base, by applying two 0.3 mm thick Silver-Quartz CHPL (Casework with High Pressure Laminate Finish) laminated sheets. The plywood, therefore, has a double protection: it is waterproof and water-repellent both outside and inside, does not absorb humidity, will not warp and prevents the formation of harmful mould.


Made of aluminium with steel stiffeners and extendable up to 2.30 metres. Quick release spring clips allow easy adjustment to the height of the ladder, and also keep it firmly locked in place on the tent base when in transit. With the tent in use, an automatic blocking mechanism prevents the ladder from slipping when being climbed, and allows for using the tent on uneven ground and smooth or slippery asphalts or pavements.


A widely used, high-technology yarn, made of two different fibres: pure cotton outside, to swell on contact with water and fill the holes made by the needle plus a synthetic fibre core is used on the inside of the yarn to obtain a high strength seam.


Both steel and aluminium are used in a combination that achieves a tent with strength, high resistance to wear and the elements, yet still maintain a light overall weight. The metal elements used are first quality; being hot-galvanized during the mills’ rolling process directly in the factory.

Several technical innovations create a level of quality and comfort which have never been achieved by tents using side closings. Autohome has completely revised/redesigned the basic idea of roof tents by creating an entirely new type of structure/frame. The indestructible frame incorporates brackets for the attachment of the access ladder. While the unique Autohome Automatic Ladder Security System (ALSS) prevents the ladder from slipping, the spring loaded ‘locking device’ ensures the tent remains stable under any conditions.

1 - The travel over-cover can be quickly removed by the single elastic tensioner. The particular configuration always assures the maximum adherence during the trip.

2 - The ladder is permanently connected to the base of the tent and allows to quickly open the tent with no effort.

3 - Overzone is ready in a moment


1 - The reinforced aluminium ladder can easily be extended from 110cm up to 225cm making it suitable for any vehicle.
2 - The ladder has a simple to operate mechanism allowing full adjustment to be carried out even in total darkness. If you have ever packed a tent away in cold conditions, those fiddly double latched rung ladders on other tents can be downright difficult to stow, particularly on a tall vehicle.
3 - The strong structure consists of special profiles being incorporated in the frame, which give the structure the highest transversal rigidness.
4 - Small packed size, with tight fitting travel over cover, ensures stability and reduced noise.
5 - To protect against cold, wind and sand, a special zip fastener, can be closed at the base of the door.
6 - Support bars hold open the doors to create awnings.
7 - The windows are equipped with drip, mosquito net and double roll up, roll down protection curtains to be adjusted from inside through strings and zip fasteners: protection from wind and rain.
8 - The plates on the sides better fix the fabric at the base of the tent.
9 - The large openings are equipped with mosquito nets that can be closed by double slide zip fasteners.
10 - The outer of the bottom shell has been given a plastic coating, for increased longevity, while the mattress inside, sits in an insulating protective cover.
11 - Each tent has two large storage pockets.
12 - The roof stakes are equipped with condensate proof covering: no need of additional sheets or inner cabins.
13 - Elastic tensioning straps inside the tent help to fold the fabric into place when closing the tent, particularly useful on high vehicles.
14 - Compression straps ensure the tent and bedding remain in place whilst travelling.
15 - Elastic strap, used to hold bedding in place when packing down the tent.


*Prices quoted are exw Melbourne (freight not included), in Australian Dollars, including 10% GST, accurate at time of publishing (April 2020) but subject to change

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