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The Overlanders are proud to be the official distributors of the new Land Rover Autohome rooftop tent. 

We import the complete range of Autohome rooftop tents, and the recently released Land Rover Autohome rooftop tent is an exciting new tent designed for the true outdoor adventurer. See the Land Rover media release here.

Overlanders Australia distribute the Autohome range of handmade premium Italian made rooftop tents. Autohome is simply the best rooftop tent we could find anywhere. The best materials, the best design, hand-made in Italy (not just assembled there...made). With over 60 years of continuous development and improvement, its hard not to notice the attention to design, style and material quality that the Autohome range employ. 

The Land Rover Autohome tent is the result of the experience of those who invented and patented the hard shell roof tent in 1958: a tent providing for a maximum speed of use, a real mattress to sleep on and the best protection from atmospheric agents. All it takes is a simple gesture to open and close the tent, ready to start off again perfectly rested, then safe and focused on driving.

Designed for those who have an adventurous, durable heart and the height of the vehicle which it was created for: the New Land Rover Defender 110. Land Rover and Autohome, the perfect combination for those who set no limits to their freedom.

Small X-LongRecommended for 2 adults
Model:CO/LR - Autohome for Land Rover
Size:130 cm (one-thirty) wide x 230 cm (two thirty) long
Closed h:33 cm (thirty three)
Open h:150cm
Weight:Approx 64kg
Volume:Approx 271 L





· 100% fiberglass. Heat-resistant, remains cool, insulates, stable, sturdy, easy to repair.

· Tent base in “sandwich” form with 25 mm insulation, fitted with two steel C-shaped bars for maximum stability.

· 4 standard built-in handles under the base for easy handling during assembly/ disassembly and storage.

· Insulated under-roof*: with interspace for effective insulation and sound-proofing, as well as a healthy environment, dry and silent during rain.

· Series 1 “High Performance” closure in aluminium and steel.


· Automatic by 2 gas springs.


· AIRTEX®. Weather-proof, light, tear-proof. Compact, expels moisture, soft and smooth.


· A surface of 10 m2 of fabric, guarantees that heat and condensation (4400 g/day) is expelled.


· The door fitted on each side complete with roll up, roll down mosquito nets. Fitted with zips, they can easily be changed into windows.

· Full size rear opening, adjustable in 6 variants.

· Darkening mosquito nets: inside you can see outside, outside you can’t see in. These are fine-meshed. The mesh is very thick and protective: dim. 0.5 x 0.7 mm, as well as the best mosquito nets on the market.


· 2 elastic straps fitted to the fabric make folding easy.


· Large elastic roof net for personal belongings.


· 2 roomy storage pockets, one per side.


· 4 steel universal clamps for fixing the Tent on the the roof racks.


· High density crushproof mattress.

· 3 pillows.

· Cotton mattress cover and pillows with zips, perfectly matching the tent model.


· 1 touch-sensitive bulb with 3 highly luminous swivel LEDs (12 Volt battery included)


· 1 height-adjustable aluminium ladder with safety clamp.

· Ladder cover with zip

With Autohome quality is a standard feature: all items are manufactured to the same tight specifications. These tents - without additional or special features – are used the world over by expert tour leaders, explorers, adventurers and travel professionals.

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Overlanders Australia

Our Country

The spirit of "The Overlanders"...a great history of pioneering, droving, overland motoring, adventure, expeditions to unexplored lands, carving new paths across great swathes of land, connecting communities and discovering new lands. Surviving, adapting, conquering the elements with your wits and equipment, and always moving forward. The name isnt one to adopt without living the values that such a name carries.


To travel across the land, enjoy its vistas and sunsets, sit beneath a billion stars and listen to the night as it comes wake up and see newly made animal tracks across the sand, to go there and bring back memories. That's what an overlander does. That's why we love overlanding. And that's why we're here.

As overlanders ourselves, we’ve always valued wonderfully crafted and beautifully engineered equipment. When it’s simple, built well, works reliably, is light and robust and serves its purpose perfectly, its a pleasure to own. You take care of it and it takes care of you. Its an essential part of the journey - the overlander takes only what is necessary. Good equipment lasts decades, is rarely superseded, and because it lasts generations, it leaves as small an environmental footprint as possible. That's the equipment we use ourselves, and its what we bring to you through The Overlanders.


The goggled dog -  Francis Birtles was one of the great original overlanders, an inspirational character whose overlanding achievements are the stuff of legend. Birtles made goggles for his dogs Wowser and Dinkum to protect their eyes as they accompanied him, hurtling along in an open top vehicle.

The goggled dog is the inspiration for our logo, paying homage to Birtles and his inspirational achievements.

...But we can’t all be a hard bastard like Francis Birtles. Some of us need just a little more luxury. Check out our premium rooftop accommodation options.....for the serious adventurer.

Famous Aussie Overlanders


Burke and Wills

Crossed Australia. 23 horses, 6 wagons, 26 hardy camels

Who hasn't heard of these guys! The original overlanders, tasked with crossing the continent to find a route for the proposed Australian Overland Telegraph Line, Robert O'hara Burke and William John Wills and co. departed Melbourne on 20 August 1860 with 20 tonnes of equipment and supplies. Though they didn't make it back alive, they were successful in their mission and paved the way for further exploration.

EARLY 1900'S

Francis Birtles

Huge array of overland cycling and motoring feats

Where do we start with this legend??!! Melbourne born hero Birtles set an array of overlanding records, starting with cycling from Perth to Melbourne in 1905, before completing a couple laps of the country in subsequent years. In 1912, Birtles started racking up an amazing list of overland motoring feats, including driving a Bean 14 car from Darwin to Melbourne in 8 days 14 hrs, and then driving a Bean car from London to Melbourne in 1927.


Overlanders Simon & Ivan

Importing Autohome rooftop tents

Well, we're hardly famous, but we are Aussie overlanders. We've been hiking, cycling and touring across Australia for decades, regularly out and about in our Land Rover Defenders. We've tried every form of sleep system...the trusty swag, tents of all types and sizes, hammocks, sleeping in the back of our cars, and finally rooftop tents. Simon bought a 30yr old Autohome Columbus...and it went from there.


It's your turn!

Adventurer and Explorer

Thankfully today you don't need 20 tonnes of equipment and 26 camels to get out and see Australia. With a well set up vehicle, you can comfortably explore with a minimum of equipment and fuss. But we find that every good day starts with a good night's sleep! Send us a photo of your overlanding and Autohome setup and be sure to tag us in your social media posts!


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